Water Balloon Fight!

Andrew had his 6th birthday back on the 18th of August.  Around this time, we had some of his buddies and families over for a party.

We had a big water balloon fight, but we didn't buy balloons intended for water balloons.  Instead, we used party balloons, not thinking that there would be any big difference.  Well, these balloons were much more difficult to break!

Some neat actions shots, and the kids had a blast!

But with the balloons being so difficult to break, we almost had an injury!

In this shot, you can see how they got hit with a pretty big balloon.....
....well, that balloon didn't break!  Instead it knocked Waylen (the boy in the center), to the ground!  Good thing he's a tough kid!  He shrugged it off, and kept going!

A real fun day!


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