Cleveland Orchestra at Blossom

During the summer, we took a trip with my Brother-in-law's family to the Blossom Music Center to watch the Cleveland Orchestra.

Before the concert, we picked up some pizza and had dinner under a shelter thankfully, since it had started to rain pretty hard.  We enjoyed our pizza for a while, and I managed to get this shot of my son chowing down....

((ISO 100, 50mm, f1.8, 1/200 sec)

The rain thankfully stopped prior to the performance.  Once it stopped, some pretty amazing clouds came out, and I got this shot of the orchestra warming up under the pavilion.

(ISO 100, 18mm, f2.5, .03 sec)

 The orchestra performed a Beethoven Piano Concerto.  I apologize, as I forget which one.

(ISO 100, 115mm, f4.5, 1/8 sec)

My son couldn't resist conducting....
(ISO 100, 50mm, f1.8, 1/60 sec)

The kids didn't have what it took to last the entire concert, but we still had a great time!


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  1. Some of my fondest memories during my time living in Cleveland were summer concerts at Blossom. In those days the Cleveland Orchestra was second to none. The photos brought back that time for me. Thanks, Brian.