Purple Clouds!

About a week ago, we had some really crazy clouds in the sky.  I was letting the dog out right before heading upstairs to put my son to bed, when I looked up and saw some clouds that were literally purple!  

I was so excited to see clouds like this that I had to grab my camera with the 10-22 lens.  Here is the result....

I always love HDR processing of photos, and this one had to be processed with three exposures to create an HDR image.  But sometimes with photos that are soooo dramatic like this one, I hesitate to do them in HDR.  

People can abuse HDR effects (I've been guilty a couple of times), and the photos start to look really fake and psychedelic.  Personally with HDR, I try to capture what your eye truly can see, and avoid getting a look that is too "cooked".  

The problem with those amazing clouds above is that a lot of people might think that I "photoshopped" the clouds, or added a lot of purple to them in processing.  Truth be told, I actually removed some of the purple in those clouds!

To show you how amazingly purple these clouds really were, here's the raw, unprocessed image...

The clouds really were that purple!


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