Saint Paul's Episcopal Church

In a previous blog post, I had photographed the exterior of Saint Paul's Episcopal Church in Norwalk, OH.

Here is the photo that I had previously published...

(5 Exposures at F11, ISO 100, 10mm)

By the look of this church from the outside, I really wanted to get inside, as I was sure that the interior would be phenomenal.  I don't know when this church was built, but I'd like to do more homework.  I'm thinking that it's awfully old.  Well, back when I got this exterior shot, the doors were locked, so the interior would have to wait.

As a photographer, I have a strategy for getting church interior shots.  Saturdays are usually best.  Not only is this good for my schedule, but there are rarely members of the congregation in the church on that day, and there are usually employees or volunteers inside getting things ready for Sunday that I can chat with and get permission.  This particular Saturday was very important for me, as I anticipated that lots of churches would have their Easter flowers and decorations all set up, and they would have their presentation at it's very best.  I actually visited four churches today, so stay tuned for some other nice shots from this day in future posts.

I will always look for the church office first, and see if I can find someone.  I'm always super friendly, and explain that I'm a photographer.  I'll hand over my business card and kindly ask if I can photograph the interior of the church.  I've never been turned down, and in almost all cases, people are very very friendly.  If I don't find anyone, then I'll just do my thing and get out quickly.  If someone does come in while I'm photographing, I just explain that I looked around, but couldn't find anyone to ask permission, and kindly ask if what I'm doing is OK.  Again, I've never been told no. 

Today, some very nice ladies were prepping Saint Paul's for tomorrows big day when I came in.  They were awfully nice.  I did give them my business card, and mentioned that they should check out my website in the next few days for some photos.  So if the kind ladies from Saint Paul's are reading this-----Big Thanks!

Well, the interior of this church did not disappoint.....

 (5 Exposures at F11, ISO 100, 20mm)

 (5 Exposures at F11, ISO 100, 17mm)

 (5 Exposures at F11, ISO 100, 21mm)

I did get some other great shots from about four other churches today, so expect to see some more church interior shots on future blog posts!