Trey Ratcliff at Kent State

Trey Ratcliff is an amazing photographer.  He runs www.stuckincustoms.com.  I've always looked up to his work as well as his philosophies on art and life in general. 

I do my best to keep up with him through his blog, interviews, and any presentation of his that I can find to learn from him.  Anytime that he's speaking on photography or art, I always pay attention.

He offers a full nine-hour course on HDR photography.  I've taken the course.  The vast majority of my skills with HDR photography and photography in general has been a result of this course, and his teachings in general.

Well, when I heard that he was giving a talk at Kent State, I jumped in my car and made the 1.5 hour drive.

I got a chance to walk around the campus a bit and get a couple of shots, but the highlight was hearing Trey's talk regarding art in a digital age, and the meet-and-greet afterwards.

I did get my copy of his book signed, had a quick chat, and shook his hand.  Super-nice guy.
I did manage to get a shot of the auditorium before it got really packed...
(5 Exposures at F11, ISO 100, 17mm)

And also a decent shot of one of the campus buildings....
(5 Exposures at F11, ISO 100, 17mm)

If you are a photographer, and want to learn a bit about HDR photography, I highly recommend heading over to stuckincustoms.com.  He does offer a great free HDR tutorial.



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