Flight 93 Memorial and Falling Water

Part five of my vacation takes us to two locations.  First is the Flight 93 Memorial, and Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water.

If you are ever in this area east of Pittsburgh, I recommend stopping at each.  They are in decent proximity to each other.

(ISO 100, 17mm, F11, 1/60 sec)

The names of all of the victims involved in the crash are on this wall below.  This wall follows the flight path of the crash.
(ISO 100, 18mm, F11, 1/50 sec)

Below is the exact site of the Flight 93 crash. The crater was filled in and this rock was placed there. Only family of the victims are allowed within about 250 feet of the location. You can see small stones that family have placed on the rock along with flags.
(ISO 640, 300mm, F5.6, 1/400 sec)

The memorial is still under construction and development.  When we visited, there was plenty to see and appreciate, but the final plans look pretty amazing.  Click here to read more about what the completed memorial will be.

And then we made our way to Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water.  Since we came there on a whim, we did not get a reservation to see the interior, so all of my photos are of the exterior.

(ISO 100, 39mm, F11, .076 sec)

(ISO 100, 22mm, F11, 1/25 sec)

Here is a stream not far from the house.

(ISO 400, 22mm, F11, .033 sec)

And a walkway not far from the house...
(ISO 100, 22mm, F11, .401 sec)

Thanks for looking!



  1. It is fascinating that you can see the lean to the lower deck on Falling Water. Wright designed the cantilever system one way, and everyone else decided it was too light in weight. Over the years, Wright's original idea has proven to have been correct, but they are stuck repairing the original design. Thank you for these, they are beautiful.