Hocking Hills, Part 1

My Dad, Brother, and I took a nice vacation this year to Hocking Hills, Ohio.

Very interesting, because I grew up only about an hour from here, but never really understood how wonderful this area was until now.  We always spent time up at Mohican whenever we went camping, hiking, etc.

But I gotta say - Hocking Hills is much much better than Mohican.  There's some pretty amazing scenery and photography opportunities there.  I wish that we had frequented this place a long time ago.

Expect to see a few more blog posts on Hocking Hills, as I was able to get lots of great shots!

Below are two photos of Lake Rose, which was a very small hike from our campground.  Absolutely beautiful, but not so fruitful when it comes to fishing!  We had no luck, but still enjoyed the amazing view and unseasonably warm weather.

(5 Exposures at F11, ISO 100, 17mm)    

(5 Exposures at F11, ISO 100, 17mm)   

Below is a shot that I got along a trail when we were just leaving Lake Rose.  We didn't bring our trail map, not thinking that we would need it, being only 10 minutes from camp.  Well, we received some bad directions from a lady who was hanging out at the lake.  We thought that we had about 15 minutes to get back to the campsite following this lady's "alternate" trail, and ended up taking about an hour and a half.  It was only about an hour from getting dark, so we were honestly a little worried.  I'm not sure that this shot is really that amazing.  I just think that I'm including it as a memento of nearly spending the night in the woods!

(5 Exposures at F11, ISO 100, 17mm)   

More Hocking Hills photos to come!



  1. Beautiful photos, Brian. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them. Never heard of Hocking Hills before, but sounds like I need to head one state over to check it out.

  2. Thanks! Yes, Hocking Hills is kind of an unexpected gem in Ohio.