Cedar Point in Color....

With my most recent blog post being Cedar Point in Black and White, it's time to present Cedar Point in Color!

First up is the Top Thrill Dragster.  I can only imagine what it would be like to go 0 to 120mph in less then 4 seconds, and then straight up 420 feet.  The reason that I can only imagine is that I don't have the cojones to find out!
(5 Exposures at F11, ISO 100, 24mm)   

Now here is one of my favorite rides that I will get on...the Gemini.  Apparently God also likes it, as it appears he's blessing it with some sun-rays! 
 (5 Exposures at F11, ISO 100, 40mm)  

And this one presented a nice challenge.  I found this great vantage point which showed many rides all at one point.  I really wanted to find a way to show all the rides with their cars at an interesting point.  So this shot is made up of about nine composite shots.  I used 5 exposures to create a nice HDR sky, and then I would snap a shot when each ride had it's cars at the apex, or at an interesting point.  Then I layered the cars into the final shot, along with the people.
(9 Exposures at F11, ISO 100, 30mm) 




  1. Brian, you're doing some really cool things here. I really enjoy seeing your photos.