The Mark Russo Septet at the Wonderbar

Mark Russo is a great friend of mine from college.  He also happens to be a super-talented trumpet player.

We haven't been in touch nearly enough, except for Social Media.  He made me aware of a gig going on in Cleveland that sounded like it would be a lot of fun to photograph, so I took advantage of a good photo opportunity to also hang out some great friends that I hadn't seen in years.

It was a great night!  My other great friend from college, J Scott Franklin, who also happens to be a super-talented musician, came to hang out as well.  As Mark and his septet played some amazing Art Blakey tunes, I got some great shots...

(1/50th, F2.2, ISO 6400, 85mm)

(1/50th, F2.2, ISO 400, 85mm)

(1/50th, F2.2, ISO 4000, 85mm)

(1/50th, F2.2, ISO 400, 50mm) 

 (1/50th, F2.2, ISO 5000, 85mm) 

  (1/50th, F2.2, ISO 4000, 85mm) 

And here's three great friends from college who haven't been together in probably 15 years!  We promised that we won't wait another 15 to do this again!




  1. Very cool pics Brian. You're a great photographer... Great eye for things. Glad we got the time to hang. And let's shoot for 15 weeks instead of 15 years for the next time !!! Thanks for grabbing some great shots to capture a moment of great music!


  2. Thanks Mark! Probably the best way to make sure that this happens again is to make me aware of good gigs! Maybe next time we'll get together at one of Jim's jobs.